The Case of the Blue Cornered Notice

The Enforcement Directorate served a Blue cornered alert against former IPL Commissioner Lalit Modi, allegedly for FEMA violations. Mr Modi, though, denies having been served with any such and says it is just another of the petty games the BCCI is playing.

“Just not cricket”, exclaimed the Modi camp, flushing red in their agitation “they are just green with envy”.

We caught up with our source in the Board and taxed him for details. He turned quite purple with emotion.

“But why tax me like this?”, he pleaded. “Modi’s the one that has done all the evasion.”

His gleeful grin gave him away though and we settled down for a chat.

“Was all this really necessary?” we asked. “Is it not enough that you have snatched from him what was essentially his creation?”

“Now his goose is really cooked”, he said rubbing his hands,” We also threw out two of his favourite teams, the Royals and the Kings from the IPL. All that allusion to blue blood, really! Now he’ll feel really blue.”

“He says he has not received any blue cornered notice. What do you have to say to that?” we enquired.

“Elementary, my dear Holmes”, he said, ” he has received the notice all right. He probably cut the blue corner out of it. He is quite adept at cutting corners you know.”

And that quite effectively ended our interview.


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